Playback 2022
Art Box 内容詳細
photography: shiro takatani
Playback 2022
Art Box 内容詳細
photography: shiro takatani
Playback 2022
Art Box 内容詳細
photography: shiro takatani
Playback 2022
Art Box 内容詳細
photography: shiro takatani
Playback 2022
Art Box 内容詳細
photography: shiro takatani

坂本龍一Art BOX特設ページ 内容詳細

  • “It begins by breaking. For over 30 years, I’ve been wanting to make art pieces where the music itself is the artwork.
    There used to be many rules that prevented me from doing so, but now I finally can.”

    I said when I announced the previous work, but I think it will be exhausted.

    At the same time, this work is art direction by Shiro Takatani, who has been producing together for many years, and Dumb Type I am very excited about the attempts of delivering 17 analog boards, including 16 pieces of works, and my sound sources that are not used in installation.
    Ryuichi Sakamoto


    Ryuichi SakamotoBorn in Tokyo in 1952. Solo debut in 1978 with "Senno Knife". same year"Yellow Magic OrchestraParticipated in the formation. Active in various fields even after opening in 1983. In the movie world, he won a number of British Academy Awards for Merry Christmas on the Battlefield, which appeared and worked on music, and the Academy Original Music Composition Award, Grammy Award, etc. in the music of Last Emperor. The attitude of pursuing innovative sounds all the time has gained global reputation. In 2013, in the Yamaguchi Information and Arts Center [YCAM] 10th anniversary project, in 2014, the guest director of the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014, and in 2018, the art space "Piknic" completed in Seoul (South Korea). The "Life, Life" exhibition, which exhibits multiple sound installations, and the "Seeing Sound HearingTime" exhibition will be held at the Kiki Museum of Art (Beijing) from March 2021, so the border to the art world is also active. I'm going to. In July 2014, he announced that he had aoproopharyngeal cancer, but in 2015, he returned with the music production of Yoji Yamada's work "If you live with your mother" and Alejandro G. Inyalitu's work "Revenant: Revenator". In the spring of 2017, the first solo album "Async" was announced at the end of the same year, and the new installation "IS Your Time" was announced at ICC (Tokyo). In 2019, he won the 21st Taipei Film Award Music Award for "Your Face" directed by Ryo Tsai. In 2021, he announced the affair of rectal cancer and is still illness as of 2022, but in June 2021, he announced a new theater piece "TIME", which was produced with artist Shiro Takatani at the Dutch Art Festival. In July 2022, he won the Hong Kong Denki Gold Statue Composition Award for the "Daiichi Renka" directed by Anne Hoi. In addition, there are many references to environmental and peaceful issues, and the establishment of a forest conservation organization "MORE TREES", and in recent years, the Tohoku Youth Orchestra has been established to support the music activities of children in the affected areas. Lives in NY since 1990.

  • "Playback", which was produced during the dam type exhibition at Pompidu Center Messes in France in 2018, is a sound installation using records, and we hope that someday a variety of musicians can make records and collaborate. I was. This time (from May to September 2022), I am very happy to be able to exhibit "Playback" by Ryuichi Sakamoto's Dm type exhibition at the Haus Der Kunst Museum in Munich.

    This field recording sound source by 16 friends of Sakamoto will be included in the new work "2022" produced for Venice Biennale. Because this work is based on the theme of "how to communicate and perceive the world, which has changed drastically due to the spread of social media and the spread of new colonovirus," and quoted text from geographical textbooks in the 1850s. Because it is a work, the environmental sound from all over the world will act as a trigger reminiscent of various places on the earth far from the exhibition room.

    This project is an attempt to recognize the world from the noise of the city from the noise of the city. Listen to the various sounds and silence around you.Shiro Takatani


    Shiro TakataniBorn in 1963. He graduated from Kyoto Municipal University of the Arts. Since 1984, he has participated in the activities of the artist group "Dam type". He will be involved in performances and installation works using various media, and will perform / exhibit at theaters, museums, and art centers around the world. In 1998, he started his personal production activities in parallel with dam -type activities. Performance 《Bright Room》 (premiere: 2008 German World Theater Festival), “CHROMA” (premiere: 2012 Shiga Prefectural Arts Theater Lake Biwa Hall), “ST/LL” (Music Ryuichi Sakamoto/Beginning: 2015 Le Volkan Produced the national stage, France).
    Performance at Taipei, Kuni family, Tokyo, New National Theater, Singapore International Art Festival, etc., exhibitions at Charja Viennale (UAE), and solo exhibitions at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2018, the first large -scale solo exhibition of a dam type "DUMB TYPE | Actions + Reflections "will be held at Pompidou Center Messes (France) at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art (2019-120). In 2021, Ryuichi Sakamoto + Shiro Takatani "Time" was premiered in the Netherlands Festival. In 2022, the dam type welcomed Ryuichi Sakamoto as a new member, and exhibited a new installation "2022" at the Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition. In the same year, Dam type solo exhibitions were held at Haus Der Kunst.

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Art Box Project 2023 Content details

For an exhibition on Dumb Type that was held in Munich, Ryuichi Sakamoto directed the creation of the installation piece “Playback”. His idea was to collect field recordings from 16 different locations around the world and play them back in a way that encapsulates the specific location and time that each contributor made the recording and the “unique sound” that they captured. In addition to the 16 field recordings, we will add Ryuichi Sakamoto’s unreleased field recording “Tokyo 2021” to press 17 individual records and compile them into an ART BOX. Every record is transparent and side-A of each record will be one field recording. For side-B, the visual information of the light and shadow of a map will be converted into data representing sound dynamics and with that, AUTORA FACTORY PLATE will use a unique technique to etch a map of the region around the city where the specific recording took place. A special cutting process will be used to have the location of the city come to the center of the disc. This ART BOX will be specially art-directed by Dumb Type’s Shiro Takatani and will be a limited release of 100 sets sold worldwide.

Vinyl Record

photography: shiro takatani
Beijing | Field recordings by Yan Jun
Cape Town | Field recordings by Crosby Bolani
Chiang Mai | Field recordings by Apichatpong Weerasethakul
La Tour-de-Peilz | Field recordings by Kali Malone & Stephen O’Malley
London | Field recordings by Mukul Patel
Melbourne | Field recordings by John Warwicker
Mexico City | Field recordings by Martin Hernandez
Mount Etna | Field recordings by Giuseppe La Spada
Munich | Field recordings by Damian Lentini
New York | Field recordings by Alec Fellman
Reykjavik | Field recordings by Andri Snær Magnason & Ka ś ka Paluch
Rio de Janeiro | Field recordings by Jaques Morelenbaum
Santiago | Field recordings by Atom Heart
Taipei | Field recordings by Cheng Chou
Tehran | Field recordings by Nima Massali
Tokyo | Field recordings by Seigen Ono
Tokyo 2021 | Field recordings by Ryuichi Sakamoto

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