Shipping policy

    • We use different shipping services throughout the region of your orderer.
    • ※We can not deliver products for some countries and areas, and can cancel your purchase.
    • Please note that we are unable to deliver to P.O. boxes and APO/FPO.
    • please enter the shipping name and address using alphanumeric characters.

Days for Delivery
    • Please confirm the delivery date when purchasing each item.
    • Additionally, when items with different delivery dates are purchased in the same cart, all items will be shipped together with the item which has the latest delivery date.

    • If a purchase by the customer is returned to us by the delivery company for any reason, including long-term absence, unknown address, or non-acceptance, the customer shall bear all costs required for redelivery. Furthermore, if the redelivered purchase is returned by the delivery company again, the purchase shall be subject to free disposal, and no costs, etc., already paid shall be refunded.
    • For details, please consult the terms and conditions.