• Payment

    When will I have a billing?

    Credit Card / Google Pay/Apple Pay/Paypal/Convenience store payment/PayPay/LINE Pay/ALI Pay/Wechat Pay/Grab Pay
    Payment is complete when ordering.

  • order

    Can I edit your order?

    Depending on the shipping preparation status and inventory status, please contact your customer once if you wish.

  • delivery

    How much is the shipping cost?

    It depends on your order product and delivery method. Please check the amount and shipping date from the delivery method available when ordering.

    Can I change the delivery address and delivery method?

    As you would like to be possible to prepare for shipping, please contact your customer once if you wish.

    Where is the tracking number?

    Please check the shipping start information email or your order confirmation page.

    • ※ It may take 1-2 business days for tracking information registration and updates at the tracking site of delivery carriers. note that.

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