坂本龍一 SKU: RZJM-86477


坂本龍一 SKU: RZJM-86477
発売日:February 28, 2018
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This album is a compilation of remodels (remixes) of songs from the album ASYNC. In addition to Ryuichi Sakamoto's longtime collaborators Alva Noto, Christian Fennesz, and Cornelius, the album also features a rich variety of first-time creators such as ARCA and One Autolycus Point Never, as well as Johan Johansson from the world of classical and contemporary music. The lineup was rich in variety, including first-time creators such as ARCA and One Autolycus Point Never. It is also interesting to compare the remixes by several creators, such as "andata," "solari," and "fullmoon. Only the Japanese edition includes an additional remodel of "zure" by the then up-and-coming band Spatial Gendai.

Two 180g vinyl sets.

andata - Oneohtrix Point Never ReworkDisc‐1~2
andata - Oneohtrix Point Never Rework
andata - Electric Youth Remix
disintegration - Alva Noto Remodel
async - ARCA Remix
fullmoon - Motion Graphics Remix
solari - Fennesz Remix
solari - Johann Johannsson Rework
ZURE - Yves Tumor Obsession Edit
fullmoon - S U R V I V E Version
ZURE - Cornelius Remix
Life, Life - Andy Stott Remodel



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