Year Book 1985-1989 (5CD)

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Year Book 1985-1989  (5CD)

Year Book 1985-1989 (5CD)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZCM-86486
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Released in 2017, Year BookThe fourth volume in the "Year 1985-1989" series, this collection of recordings from the late 1980s is the largest in the series at five CDs. The legendary "TV WAR" performance with Daizaburo Harada and the "Ink Stick Session" with Bill Laswell, Toshinori Kondo, Carlos Alomar, and others are each included in their entirety on one CD, as is Koharu Kisaragi's performance "Matthew 1985 - That Man Did Nothing" on two CDs. In addition to collaboration songs with Sandy and the Sunsetz and David Sylvian, commercial songs from the period, and a live radio performance with Taeko Onuki, the 5-CD set is filled to the brim with the energetic activities of Ryuichi Sakamoto in the late 80s. The inclusion of "Futurista," an outtake from the album "Futurista Yaro" was also a big hit. As with his previous works, the album comes with a booklet featuring an interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto explaining the songs and rare photos from that era.

Ryuichi Sakamoto archive "Year BookThe fourth volume of the "Year Series" is a 5-CD set! It contains rare sound sources from his works from 1985 to 1989.
Included in this 5-CD set are rare recordings from Sakamoto Ryuichi's works from 1985 to 1989: the entire "Matthew 1985" performance with Koharu Kisaragi, Yuji Takahashi, Haruna Miyake, Katsumi Watanabe, and others; a session at the Roppongi Inkstick; and a superb song completed but not included in "Futuristic Bastard"); "Wind Road" with Taeko Onuki from the 1989 NHK FM special program; "Rachael/ Sandy and the Sunsetz (first CD release)", and the unreleased "The Garden (TOKIO KUMAGAI)".
Ryuichi Sakamoto became famous worldwide when he became the first Japanese to win an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the movie "The Last Emperor" released in 1987 (1988 in Japan). This album is a collection of previously unreleased tracks. This album contains unreleased tracks and other sound sources that are currently hard to find. This compilation is a must-have for Sakamoto fans. Ryuichi Sakamoto's cutting-edge sound creation using Fairlight CMI, Emulator II, and DX7 will appeal to music and keyboard fans alike. The accompanying tall booklet consists of approximately 52 pages and is richly illustrated with photos and documents from the period.

Contents (song titles/performing artists)
[TV War 坂本龍一 <Unedited version is the first time to be released.
Live recording of a performance with Radical TV at the Ibaraki International Science and Technology Expo in 1985.
The edited version of "TV WAR" was released as a video work in 1985, but this is the live recording of the full-length version.

[Ryuichi Sakamoto (KB), Bill Laswell (Bass), Toshinori Kondo (Tp), Hideo Yamaki (Drums), Carlos Alomar (Gt)
*Live recording of a 1985 improvised performance at the Roppongi Ink Stick in Tokyo, Japan, with no prior arrangement of chord progression or tempo.
Ryuichi Sakamoto joined on fairlight.

DISC 3&4
[Matthew 1985 - That Man Didn't Do Anything -] / Katsumi Watanabe + Haruna Miyake + Ryuichi Sakamoto + Yuji Takahashi + Koharu Kisaragi and NOISE + Supporting musicians: Greg Lee (bass), Shuichi Murakami "Ponta" (drums), YAS-KAZ (perc), Shuichi Sakimoto (harmonica), Naoko Tokue (Vl) YAS-KAZ (Perc), Yuzuru Sakimoto (harmonica), Naoko Tokue (Vln) *Musical performance produced in 1985 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Bach's birth. Kisaragi Koharu and the theater troupe "NOISE" perform the unprecedented story of the Passion, and in between, the musicians depict their own original worlds with their own interpretations. Stage performance recording.

(01) Rachel / Sandy and the Sunsets <First time on CD
(02) NHK "Science Expo Highlights" ending theme song 坂本龍一 <(02) NHK "Science Expo Highlights" ending theme song
(03) Steel cathedorals / David Sylvian
(04) Neo Plant / Kisaragi Koharu
(05) Futurista (song not included in the album "Miraiha Yaro") 坂本龍一
(06/07) Fuji Television CM "Shinayaka Shisou" Theme Song A Type + B Type / (06/07) Fuji Television CM "Shinayaka Shisou" Theme Song A Type + B Type 坂本龍一 <First commercialization
(08) Chasing the Air / Yosuke Yamashita + Bill Laswell, Ryuichi Sakamoto
(09) Undo - Demo #3 坂本龍一
(10) Kaze no Michi (from NHK-FM special "Acoustic Concert") / Taeko Onuki + Ryuichi Sakamoto
(11) The Garden (from "Tokio Kumagai" not for sale) / 坂本龍一 <(12) The Garden (from "Tokio Kumagai", not for sale)

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