A Piece of Future(CD)

A Piece of Future(CD)

A Piece of Future(CD)

発売日:July 11, 2012
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Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Fishmans' debut.
The project with a small difference called (+) started at the beginning of February 2011, and the music shared with various people from the earthquake that unexpectedly occurred... These are the messages recorded on the tape recorder of Future.
This is the first CD release of a newly mixed version of a work that has already been released for distribution only and has become a topic of conversation.
The album also features remixes by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takkyu Ishino, and Tetsuya Umeda, and the jacket features theBOREDOMS The cover was newly written by EYE.

1.A Piece of Future 2012
2.A Piece of Future - Sakamoto's Lure Mix for Fishmans
3.A Piece of Future - Takkyu Ishino Remix
4.A Piece of Future -Umeda Tetsuya played Cassette Tape.
5.A Piece of Future 2011
6.A Piece of Future - Radio Mix



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