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AOKI takamasa SKU: RZCM-46434
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It is about a year from the masterpiece album "Private Party", who has not yet been verified by organic, rhythm and funk in electronics music. Japanese artists living in Berlin Aoki Takamasa from CommMons is a self-founding of artists' music and Sketch Show, HasyMo, such as Sketch Show, HasyMo from 2003 to 2009 · A remix album that combines remixed things. French Mathematician Benois Mandelbro Proposed Geometric Concept "Fractal" As an album title that gained a "fractal", Aoki Takamasa itself expands and analyzes with various focus on the original sound source, While respecting each original music specific détair, we have digging up new textures derived from there. The concept of existing "remix". Self remixes such as "LOVE BITES" "MUSIC for Sweet Room on the orbit of the Earth", such as "LOVE BITES", "Music for Sweet Room on the Orbit of the Earth", who were already presented with his own live set.

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