#1 (CD)

AA= SKU: RZCM-46123

#1 (CD)

AA= SKU: RZCM-46123
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About 3 years from THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS activity stop. THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS's brain "Ueda Tsuyoshi" solo project turns silence and starts to commit! ! Currently, mysterious artist "AA =" which is focusing on the net such as My Space (http://www.myspace.com/aaequal). Its identity is the Solo Project of the THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS brain "Ueda Tsuyoshi", who has been highly rated not only in Japan but also in the world. Ueda Takeshi created by programming and locking with extremely fused, and the music that the earlier melody line is created in the ear is no doubt that it will be a new ROCK mono. In addition, we will donate 100 yen per sheet from the sale of this work to Nature Conservation NGO (non-governmental organization) "WWF". ※ WWF is the world's largest natural protection NGO (non-governmental organization) that works in more than 100 countries. In 1961, it was established in Switzerland for the purpose of protecting wildlife in an extinction crisis, and gradually expanding activities, and is now widely working on the conservation of the whole natural environment of the earth. The activities are conducted from all over the world, with your support.

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