Sweet Nest (CD)

コトリンゴ SKU: RZCM-46010
Sweet Nest

Sweet Nest (CD)

コトリンゴ SKU: RZCM-46010
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Kotoringo's second album, featuring the talent recognized by Ryuichi Sakamoto! This album is a condensed version of Kotringo's personality, with beautiful piano pieces, swinging jazz, electro-pop songs, and more♪

Kotoringo's × Sakamoto Ryuichi
Special Long Interview Arrival! http://www.avexnet.or.jp/avExdb/kotoringo/asx/kotoringo_sakamoto_iv.asx
Selfeliner Notes
1.Me & My Bird Prince
Image is a chorus that is chorus while having four sheeps like four sheep on the stage of the mini theater. Like Castella CM?
Since anything in the closet, it is a secret of the secret that is a secret that is a secret that is full of secret. So it's absolutely included! A little bullish song. The drum was first hitting, but he had hit the Otakho, and I got a lot of stabiling. As a result, there was an interesting effect with the temperature difference between the drum and the other performance.
3. Hey
If you are attracted to someone, if you have a house in your own mind, if you're built a house without permission, of course you want to build your own house in the heart of that person. Maybe I can not build easily, so I'm a song that I am waiting for you to imagine, and I'm waiting for the house. It was suddenly steeped when I was really waiting for a friend. The base was Mito, Drum, Mr. Sakata, Strings was asked to see Mt. Tokuzawa. I was happy to be able to make a lot of life, such as playing at a three-piece performance and arrange from the first album.
Melody Sabi came out when I was thinking of melody and melody.
My junior high school + high school, math time was the time of "thinking". As I was serious about thinking seriously, I still do not know math. I was really able to flee choke because I was talking during class .... Broiding Broadway on the stage of such "class"? I had a similar atmosphere.
When I think "Summer" when I'm not summer, I'm a little late, and because there is a strong dumpling day or the end of the atomic bomb and the day of the war, the sunshine is that I think it's a strong and active season. There is also a tray.
7. The way back
This time, the only piano and songs truck. It is a song made to appear at the first Lojascrassic concert before debut. So, I feel that words are very pure, and it is a little good for myself.
8. Daisy
It is a song of Mito writing. I'm always thinking that I would like to have more men on my music (= ROCK?), But Mito was wonderfully. The drum is TOE Kugakura. Recording was also fun and happy.
9. Suitable person
Sorry for a happy two people. I also wanted to express things that I wanted to feel vaguely.
10. Gene is Genius
Even in the city of Shibuya, it will be a stage where you fall in love, and it will be a stage where you can run the flowers, and it will surely be skipped, and it will probably skip, and if you want to have asphalt with magic sticks, the stars are glitter and the stars It is a song that could be done from the fact that it will be out of.
11. Contact
Mr. Yoho, Mr. Yoho, wrote the lyrics. There was a very spread, so I thought that it was a strong lyrics, so I thought about it.
12.To Stanford
Stanford says NY, and under the name of the city in Connecticut, I went to a part-time job. I lived in such a suburban residential area, and people who went to work in Manhattan were trained for commuting, but the failure is a daily basis, and it is leaning, and the air conditioner is not moving, 30 minutes As mentioned above, it was not possible to move while stopped. But I liked to do various ways of thinking while looking at the sunset from the train and the sunset that is too beautiful. Mr. Sakamoto liked this song, who was in the demonstrated first year ago, and it is also a song that could not be replace it back with me. I was able to put it in this time.

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