Ryuichi Sakamoto "12" T-shirts January Version

坂本龍一 SKU: ANXZ-26290
坂本龍一「12」 T-shirts 1月バージョン
坂本龍一「12」 T-shirts 1月バージョン
坂本龍一「12」 T-shirts 1月バージョン
坂本龍一「12」 T-shirts 1月バージョン
坂本龍一「12」 T-shirts 1月バージョン

Ryuichi Sakamoto "12" T-shirts January Version

坂本龍一 SKU: ANXZ-26290
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Ryuichi Sakamoto "12" T-shirts

【Order acceptance period】 Friday, February 9, 18:00 - Tuesday, February 13, 18:00 (JST)
*Cart will open at the above date and time.
*Sales will end as soon as the maximum number is reached, even during
the order acceptance period.
*Please refrain from placing orders for resale purposes. If we
determine that an order is for resale, we may cancel the order. Only
one order per person will be accepted, and we may cancel all orders if
we receive multiple orders from one person.

Since Ryuichi Sakamoto's passing, there has been a high demand for Ryuichi Sakamoto T-shirts from fans around the world. 

There is a lot of "pirate/bootleg" merchandise on the internet containing misinformation and copyrighted images. Some staff members close to Sakamoto even purchased unofficial T-shirts, wanting to wear Sakamoto's photo while simultaneously wondering if they could be illegal products.
In response to the many requests, we have decided to release “12” T-shirt editions, each with one of Sakamoto's photos from his archives.  
The "RS" logo will be quietly printed near the heart on the inner front side. Ryuichi Sakamoto's name and the month number will be printed on the inner back side of the T-shirt. The T-shirt will also display a large print of Sakamoto.  We hope you enjoy the T-shirts in the spirit of carrying Ryuichi.

The product will be sold by order with an acceptance period.
Please note that this T-shirt cannot be mass-produced because it is
created one by one by hand using a unique printing method.
We have secured a production line and are preparing to deliver to
everyone who wants to purchase.
Still, if the number of orders exceeds the limitation of
manufacturers, we may need to cease accepting orders. We will continue
to work hard to improve. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Please note before considering your purchase, the position of the inner printings may be shifted due to differences in the unique printing method.

A portion of the proceeds from selling "12" T-shirts will be donated
to the tree-planting initiative "TREES FOR SAKAMOTO''. We will report the donation amount after 12 months of sales.

【Specifications】M/L/XL 3 sizes
M: Height approx. 700mm, width approx. 580mm, shoulder width approx. 550mm, sleeve length approx. 230mm
L: Height approx. 740mm, width approx. 610mm, shoulder width approx. 580mm, sleeve length approx. 250mm
XL: Height approx. 780mm, width approx. 640mm, shoulder width approx. 610mm, sleeve length approx. 270mm
【Material】 100% cotton
【Country of origin】Body: China / Print: Japan

Please check the size label carefully when ordering.

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