out of noise【アナログ盤】(CD+2Vinyl)

坂本龍一 SKU: RR12-88544
out of noise【アナログ盤】(CD+2Vinyl)

out of noise【アナログ盤】(CD+2Vinyl)

坂本龍一 SKU: RR12-88544
発売日:March 18, 2009
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The first solo album from CommMons released in 2009. A quiet work of all songs instrumental, it became the first album that does not use a synthesizer as an original solo album. Piano and natural sounds, the Guesthromer's Flettwork of the United Kingdom's old music performance group in the guest, Higashino Higashino of the A stringed instrument player of a genre is invited. Also included is "DISKO", "ICE" and "GLACIER", which are strongly influenced by the Arctic experience visited during the album production. "Glacier" was later used in the movie "Leverant: Resusuri" (Alehandro Gonzalez, Inhalito: 2016). This work is a "full artwork" version and a simple eco-packaging cheap in the case where the text that was integrated with the booklet that has been taken with Sakamoto Ryuichi itself and photos taken in the Arctic area. It was released in two specifications of "Package Les" version.
※ This product (2 sheets 180 g weight board analog record) will be the first order for ordering for the first time to save waste of resources. We will offset CO2 emissions that cost production / manufacture.
Carbon offsets are performed by the creation of the forest that the environmental protection group MORETREES (http://www.more-trees.org/) advances.



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