unitxt (2Vinyl)

alva noto SKU: R-N952

unitxt (2Vinyl)

alva noto SKU: R-N952
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This product is a 12-inch vinyl record. Please use a record player for playback.
After releasing "transall cycle" and "xerroxalva notoAfter releasing "transall cycle" and "xerrox", the band released "unitxt", a sequel to the "transspray ep" released in 2004.raster-notonThe album was recorded during the Japan tour of 2006-2007, and finally completed in Berlin in early 2008, and is an ever-evolving album with a more rhythmic approach.alva notoThe album is a masterpiece of the ever-evolving concept of the band. The concept is similar to that of the "innocence ep" by bjork released last year, "innocence ? alva noto unitxt remodel 12" version", which is included in bjork's "innocence ep" released last year. The word "unitxt" means rhythm as a lingua franca of the world, and a text of units (unit). For example, mathematics: constants, measurements, identifiers, SI systems, etc. are expressed in terms of the sounds and words that make up the symbols. The title of the album that we had originally thought of was "unit" ? The title of the album, which was originally conceived as ? The tracks are assembled on a 120 bpm grid to form different rhythmic units or modules. In collaboration with the French sound poet anne-james chaton, we constructed a language component for the recording, which we finally titled "unitxt". The title "unitxt" was finally chosen. anne-james chaton contributed her voice and writing to "u_07" and "u_08-1." "u_07" is the first of the two recordings. u_07" is the 'the artist The "u_07" is based on the concept of 'the who does sound' (the artist who makes sound).alva notou_07" is a work that describes Carsten Nicolai, aka 'the who does sound', by translating notes in his wallet, credit cards, bills, nouns, etc., into text. In "u_08-1," anne-james chaton uses a simple but infinite mathematical concept, the golden ratio divisor. In late June, "utp_" (DVD, CD, and sheet music), a collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto, will be released in Japan, featuring a video of an event held in Mannheim, Germany, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the German government. At OPEN SPACE 2008, currently being held at ICC (NTT InterCommunication Center), he exhibited "invertone" as carsten niccolai, which allows visitors to experience a state of silence through the phase action of sound. The work was exhibited at the OPEN SPACE 2008 (OPEN SPACE 2008). In addition to playing throughout Europe, "unitxt" will tour in North America in May 2008, South America in October 2008, and Japan in November 2008. His latest work "unitxt" is a collection of songs that continues to evolve and evolve, always in the right place at the right time and the right place at the right time.alva notoThe latest "unitxt" is a masterpiece of the band!

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