AOKI takamasa SKU: R-N113


AOKI takamasa SKU: R-N113
発売日:November 18, 2009
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Since the first album "Silicom" has been released in 2001, it has always set up your own methodology with a computer / software-based creative activity, and will always calm your own methodology, and push your own area of ​​music. AOKI TAKAMASA. In 2002, he appeared in Sonar and has developed active live activities around Europe. In 2006, he is in charge of the remix of "WAR & PEACE" in the remix album "BRICOLAGES" of Sakamoto Ryuichi. In 2008, the 7th album "Private Party" was released from CommMons, and in February 2009, we will constantly demonstrate its innovative and unique talent, such as announcing collaboration work with SOULJA. ing. This time, the first release of Raster-Noton's release is announced on an analog board! Proven the fundamental presence of a music representation that is not at all.



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