Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Blu-ray)

Various Artists SKU: KKBS-82
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Blu-ray)

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Blu-ray)

Various Artists SKU: KKBS-82
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The blockbuster film that captivated the world by depicting the cultural clash between the West and Japan with a stellar cast is finally available on Blu-ray!

Set in a Japanese POW camp, this blockbuster hit depicts the complex relationship between Japanese soldiers and British prisoners of war with a star-studded cast.
Nagisa Oshima's super-hit film, which captivated the world, depicts the cultural clash between the West and Japan with a star-studded cast, centering on the complex drama of men who met in the extreme conditions of a prison camp during the war. The first full-scale Anglo-Japanese co-production, the film was shot on location for an extended period of time on the island of Rarotonga, New Zealand. As befits a film costing 1.6 billion yen, the cast includes such stars as David Bowie as Celiaz, Ryuichi Sakamoto as Captain Yonoi, and Beat Takeshi as the rough Sergeant Hara, all of whom are well-known for their unique talents. The passionate drama of the men begins as they prepare for the final scene that will remain in the history of cinema, and which wowed the Cannes Film Festival!

Awards Information
Third place in the Kinema Junpo Best Ten
Mainichi Film Awards, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Beat Takeshi), Best Music (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Blue Ribbon Award, Special Prize
British Academy Award for Best Composition (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
National Board of Review Award for Best Actor (Tom Conti)


Released in theaters on May 28, 1983

Director/Screenplay: Nagisa Oshima
David Bowie
Starring: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Beat Takeshi

It is 1942 in a Japanese POW camp in Java. In the still-darkness of dawn, Japanese Army Sergeant Hara wakes up British Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence. A Korean soldier rapes a white POW, and Hara needs Lawrence, who speaks Japanese freely, to witness the punishment on his own initiative. There, the spirit of the camp commander, Captain Yonoi, resonated. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Korean soldier plunged his bayonet into his own stomach. British Major Seriaz is being tried at a military tribunal in Jakarta. Yonoi gives him a heated stare. After a farcical execution drama, Celiaz is transferred to a prison camp. And that was the beginning of all the mischief. ......

Aspects/Layers: double-layered on one side
Color: Color
Original Language: Japanese / English
Original language: English
Original Sound System: Linear PCM Stereo
Subtitle language 1: Japanese subtitles

Video Special Features
Theatrical trailer, Photo gallery

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