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ANCIENT FUTURE is the second collaboration between musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and electronic music pioneer Christopher Willits.
After the release of their first collaboration, "Ocean Fire," in 2008, Sakamoto sent Willits several piano compositions to build upon.
Ancient Future is a work that encompasses the entire trajectory of creation, fulfilling one's destiny and what all of us go through in this world, and the inner struggles, clarifications, and acceptance of answers.
The six song cycles move back and forth between narratives of a sort, as pieces that have a story to tell and a part of life to explore.

The album opens with the tireless energy of "Retentive Reminiscence," before giving way to the inward music of "Abandoned Silence" and "I Don't Want to Understand. Then, "Levitation" dissociates the audience into cold, disjointed pieces.
The flow of the album comes to a close with "Completion," a song filled with serenity.
This perhaps represents the kind of experience in which one finally realizes oneself.

Despite the conceptual coherence, as the album title "Ancient Future" suggests, contradictions intervene at the heart of the album, and opposites appear within each song.
For example, there are loops of noise and feedback in the background of delicate melodies that gradually ripple across the surface of a calm lake. But the contradictions are not conflicts at all; they come together to create the logic that is the essence of the album: that we are a collection of experiences and knowledge, of light and shadow, of positive and negative.

1. Reticent Reminiscence
2. Abandoned Silence
3. I Don't Want to Understand
4. Levitation
5. Releasing
6. Completion

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