commmonsオリジナルエコバッグ トートタイプ

commmonsオリジナルエコバッグ トートタイプ

commmonsオリジナルエコバッグ トートタイプ

発売日:July 10, 2007
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CommMons: Super-Duper Selection

COMMONS Eco Bag is made of polyester fiber recycled in the complete circulating recycling system "Eco Circle" of polyester products, the world's first world.
In order to make it even heavy, this time we have made a special thick fabric from scratch.
Do not discard paper bags and plastic bags, but if you get dirty and use this eco-bag that can be used repeatedly again and again, why not use this eco bag to use it.
The tote type contains two sheet plates for the side in addition to the bottom bed board. By putting this on both sides, you can use it without breaking the shape.
If it is a CD, it is possible to store 100 sheets. A4 size documents with a liner that can be stored without molding.
The fabric of the logo part that is on the top of the middle side is a lid, and it is a design that is hard to see even if it is caught from above.

[Size] Vertical 280mm × width 540mm × width 150mm
[Material] polyester
[Country of origin] Japan



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