Music Magazine June 2023 issue (Magazine)

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ミュージック・マガジン 2023年6月号(雑誌)

Music Magazine June 2023 issue (Magazine)

V.A. SKU: AMBK-20323
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Music Magazine June 2023

Language : Japanese (All the articles are written in Japanese.)

Special Feature] In Memoriam: Ryuichi Sakamoto

The musician Sakamoto Ryuichi, who sadly passed away on March 28, had an immeasurable impact on the artists that followed him and his musical achievements, including the worldwide success of YMO and film music. He has also left a significant mark as an activist who actively communicates about social and environmental issues. We look back on his career with words from various musicians who loved him.

A memorial letter derived from Ryuichi Sakamoto's music and personal experiences (Kentaro Takahashi)
Interview with Masafumi Goto - A man who will ultimately stay on the streets (Akimasa Munakata)
TOWA TEI Interview - The most important lesson I learned was not to be dexterous (Dai Onoshima)
Interview with YOSHIHIDE OTOMO: The professor left us a homework assignment to continue to be a lighthouse illuminating the future (Ryohei Matsunaga)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - A song to remember (Shohei Amimori, Tasuku Arauchi [cero], Tomomi Oda [CRCK/LCKS], Keigo Oyamada [Cornelius], Yasuhiro Konishi [PIZZICATO ONE], Mil Shinoda [yahyel], SUGIZO [LUNA SEA / X JAPAN], TAIHEI [Suchmos / Sai], Ren Takada, Hiroshi Takano, TOSHI-LOW [BRAHMAN], Peter Barakan, Takeshi Hosomi [ELLEGARDEN / the HIATUS / MONOEYES], Katsumi Watanabe, Flying Lotus, One Autrix Point Never, SUGA [BTS / Agust D] )
Ryuichi Sakamoto's solo albums (Masao Ishikawa, Shino Okamura, Dai Onoshima, Yumiko Koi, Hitoshi Kurimoto, Minoru Hatanaka, Yasuro Murao, Toru Watanabe)
Collaboration work - a straightforward attempt to show a greedy spirit of inquiry (Mamoru Koyama)
Ryuichi Sakamoto's important soundtrack works: A record of his struggle as a musician against the culture of film (Akimasa Munakata)
Iñárritu's compilation and the soundtrack of the film "Monster" (Ariake Tosa)
Ryuichi Sakamoto's peculiarity revealed by his conflict with YMO (Minoru Hatanaka)
Works produced/composed/arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto: A glimpse into the essential aspects of his musical expression (Masao Ishikawa)

Special feature] cero

Five years after their last album "POLY LIFE MULTI SOUL", cero's fifth album "eo" has finally arrived. We conducted a long interview with the band, who have undergone another astonishing musical transformation after their respective solo works. We would like to trace the steps of the three members who have renewed the music scene in Japan, while exploring the whole story of their latest work.

Three members talk about their first new album in five years (Toshihiro Yano)
cero original album - solo album guide (Masaaki Hara)

Alpha Mist - Leading UK jazz pianist and track maker (Kou Hanaki)
□ Cassa Overall - The first Warp album with interesting guests (Masaaki Hara)
□ Squid - Thrilling second album from a band undergoing rapid change (Junnosuke Tomei)
□ Nair Mirablat - New generation of Uruguayan musician comes to Japan (Kentaro Takahashi)
□ Moriken Maekawa - New work by Okinawan folk singer/songwriter (Masakazu Kitanaka)
□ Senri Oe - 40th anniversary debut album featuring jazzed-up versions of works from the pop music era and new songs (Naoshi Ikegami)
□ New Standard 2020s - 41st Experimental Hip-Hop (Masashi Yoshida, Minako Ikejo, Yin Treadio, Daiki Takaku, Tsuya-chan, Machizo Hasegawa, Makoto Niki)
□ Liv (Tsuyoshi Hayashi)
□ Lucinda Chua (Masashi Yunoh)
□ Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Ruecke (Ariake Tosa)
Nora Brown (Tadashi Igarashi)
□ Sensible Soccerz (Shiori Yamaguchi)
□ "Sakamoto Ryuichi Ryuichi: Chasing the Sound You Really Want to Hear" (Osamu Takahashi)

Front Line
Lewis Cole
◇ Boy Genius
◇ The Acids
◇ Rancid
◇ King Krull
◇ King Krull ◇ ◇ Protomater
◇ Kiki vivi lily

◆Album Pickup ......
Boygenius, Kara Jackson, Liturgy, Daniel Caesar, Rae Sremmurd, Nakamura Toyo's "The Truth of Popular Music", cero, Spitz, etc.
◆CROSS REVIEW......4 reviewers battle it out on the magazine with their scores and evaluations!
◆Album Review/Video Review...... Scores the latest 200-300 Western and Japanese music releases on a 10-point scale with sharp reviews. A reliable friend for your music life!
◆Imported Albums...... is the first to provide detailed information on the hottest releases of all genres from around the world!
Jessie Ware/Deerhoof/Fire! Orchestra/Terri Walker/Juicy J/Josiah Steinbrick/Tim Hecker/Wilson Das Neves etc.
◆[Serials] Haruo Chikada's "Short on the belt, long on the sleeve" / Saho Terao's prewar music tour / Takeshi Kizu's LGBTQ+ newsletter / Kenichi Yasuda's "Is this a hit? / Nozawa Agumu's Painful! A Grip of the Songs of Love / Kenta Hagiwara's Compact Discoveries
Music news from Japan and abroad / Full-scale reviews of shows, books, and movies / Concert information, etc.

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