Ryuichi Sakamoto Pursuing the sound you really want to hear (Magazine)

Various Artists SKU: AMBK-20322
Ryuichi Sakamoto Pursuing the sound you really want to hear (Magazine)

Ryuichi Sakamoto Pursuing the sound you really want to hear (Magazine)

Various Artists SKU: AMBK-20322
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MUSIC MAGAZINE (Music Magazine) June 2023 extra issue
Language : Japanese (All the text is written in Japanese.)

Ryuichi Sakamoto, who passed away at the age of 71 after a long battle with illness, emerged as a musician in the 1970s and was a member of YMO and a highly regarded composer of film music, etc. His passing has been mourned around the world. He appeared in Music Magazine from the 1970s, not only as an interviewer but also as a writer on occasion. This volume reprints those articles in their original form, and reissues and compiles all the recent features, including Record Collector's. This book traces the footsteps of Ryuichi Sakamoto, who has become a world-renowned musician, mainly through his solo activities.

Main Articles

◆In Memoriam: Ryuichi Sakamoto (written by Dai Onoshima)
◆Feature Article: Ryuichi Sakamoto--Interview, History, Discography, etc. (March 2009 issue) / Interview, "Year Book 1971-1979" and others (February 2016 issue) / Interview, "async", "Year Book 1980-1984" and others (May 2017 issue) / Tribute album, "To the Moon and Back" and others (December 2022 issue)
◆Featured "Music Illustrated" (Record Collector's April 2020 issue)
◆ Ryuichi Sakamoto in MUSIC MAGAZINE--Interview with Keiichi Suzuki (December 1978 issue) / David Bowie interview (February 1979 issue) / Talking about Kraftwerk (November 1979 issue) / "What Dub Poses in Our Time" (May 1980 issue) (May 1980 issue) / Interview with Holger Shukai (August 1982 issue) / Interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto (November 1989 issue)


Introduction (Music Magazine Production Department)

In Memoriam: Ryuichi Sakamoto - Now I can only listen to his remaining music (Dai Onoshima)

Special Feature: Ryuichi Sakamoto [Music Magazine March 2009 issue]
Words, Music, Noise, Sound... (Kentaro Takahashi)
History (1) The night before his big break as a session man and behind-the-scenes player (Akira Shinohara)
History (2) The Yellow Magic Orchestra Eiichi Yoshimura
History (3) Active activities in and after the 1990s (Akimasa Munakata)
Discography 1976-2009 (Dai Onoshima, Yumiko Kakoi, Shinya Matsuyama)
Live Albums (Ryo Ito)
□ Film Music (Ryo Ito)
□ Collaboration works in the 00's(Mamoru Koyama)
□ Professor's "Sound Street" (Ryo Ito)
□ "Radical Democracy" and its friendly charm (Kenzo Saeki)
□ The face of an editor and activist who leaves his mark on the times (Akeo Nakamata)

Special Feature: Ryuichi Sakamoto [Music Magazine, February 2016]
□ Long Interview with Eiichi Yoshimura
□ "Thousand Knives" Reissue and "Year Book 1971-1979" (Shinya Matsuyama)
□ Ryuichi Sakamoto's works after his return to the music scene all have a deep meaning (Akimasa Munakata)

■ Special Feature: Ryuichi Sakamoto [Music Magazine, May 2017]
□ Long interview - Thoughts behind "async," Ryuichi Sakamoto's first original album in eight years (Minoru Hatanaka)
Async" and "Year Book What we can see from "async" and "Year 1980-1984" (Masao Ishikawa)
□ "NO NUKES 2017" Report (Yuya Watanabe)

■ Special Feature: Ryuichi Sakamoto [Music Magazine December 2022 issue].
□ "The Secret Story of the Tribute Album Production" by a NY management representative (Akimasa Munakata)
David Sylvian talks about Sakamoto Ryuichi (Tetsuya Sakamoto)
□ Comment from Hidul Gudnadottir
□ Otomo Yoshihide talks about Ryuichi Sakamoto (Tetsuya Sakamoto)
□ "A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto - To the Moon and Back" Complete Song Guide (Miki Tayama)
□ "Exception (Soundtrack from the Netflix Anime Series)" by Shun Fushimi

Special Feature: Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Ongaku Zukan" [Record Collector's April 2020 issue].
□ The "calm" period before and after the dispersal of YMO (Miki Tayama)
□ A radical approach to multiculturalism (Yoshio Tachikawa)
□ "Ongaku Zukan" Complete Song Guide (Mamoru Koyama)
□ "Ongaku Zukan-2015 Edition" (Akihiko Takeda)
□ "Ongaku Zukan -2015 Edition-" (Akihiko Takeda)
□ Commentary on "Ongaku Zukan" for overseas editions (Miki Tayama)
□ Introduction of Ryuichi Sakamoto's related books at that time (Miki Tayama)

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Keiichi Suzuki - I wonder if it's possible to weigh feelings with a computer [New Music Magazine, December 1978]
David Bowie interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto [New Music Magazine, February 1979 issue].
□ "Bowie's fun is not in the sound" (Ryuichi Sakamoto) [New Music Magazine, Feb. 1979 issue].
□ Kraftwerk, which takes on the opposite side of the common German image (Ryuichi Sakamoto / Interviewer: Masakazu Kitanaka) [New Music Magazine, Nov. 1979 issue].
An in-depth study of the dub sound, which spilled over from reggae to rock - What dub has to offer in our age (Ryuichi Sakamoto) [Music Magazine, May 1980 issue].
Interview with Holger Shukai (Sakamoto Ryuichi) [Music Magazine, August 1982]
Ryuichi Sakamoto interview with Kenzo Saeki [Music Magazine, November 1989

Ryuichi Sakamoto Article Selection
Taeko Onuki & Ryuichi Sakamoto (Hitoshi Kurimoto) [Music Magazine, December 2010]
□ <playing the piano> Tour (Ryo Ito) [Music Magazine, January 2012 issue].
Year Book 2005-2014" (Mamoru Koyama) [Music Magazine, February 2015]
□ A rush of releases including a compilation live orchestra disc (Mamoru Koyama) [Music Magazine, April 2015 issue].
Unaigumi + Sakamoto Ryuichi (Hiroshi Matsumura) [Music Magazine, November 2015 issue] □ "Unaigumi + Sakamoto Ryuichi" (Hiroshi Matsumura) [Music Magazine, November 2015 issue].

Postscript and Appendix

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