Look For Me Here(CD)

Solo Andata SKU: 12K2014
Look For Me Here(CD)

Look For Me Here(CD)

Solo Andata SKU: 12K2014
発売日:November 5, 2009
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Unusually EP was released from 12k. This work launched with Solo Andata's new album is composed of a track in which Juseppe Yerashi, a regular artist, which is a regular artist, in addition to the album mix, and a track in which Sakamoto Ryuichi participates as a remixer. Sakamoto's Remix "Cholare" is a simple drone with ambient sound, and this album is beautifully started. Although it is not an innovative or revolutionary concept, Sakamoto's work is worth attention. Sharp noise or hamony is layered, and as a composer, Sakamoto, a large veteran, is beautiful and calmly arranges. On the other hand, Irasi will create a more dynamic view of the world by processing like warmth with an acoustic sound of the original song. Three trucks are wonderful finish, but Sakamoto's "Cholare" is a must.

1. Chorale(Remix by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
2. Look For Me Here(Remix by Giuseppe)
3. Chorale(Album Mix)



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