12 (CD)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZCM-77657
12  (CD)
12  (CD)
12  (CD)
12  (CD)

12 (CD)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZCM-77657
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>> Ryuichi Sakamoto original album "12" special page

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The first original album in 6 years since the release of "async" in 2017.
The album is a collection of 12 songs selected from sketches he made as if writing a diary during his ongoing battle with illness.
The artwork was created by artist Lee Ufan, a close friend of Sakamoto's, who made drawings for this album.

Comments by Ryuichi Sakamoto:.
In early March 2021, after a long hospital stay following major surgery, I "came home" to my new temporary home. At the end of March, when I was recovering a little, I suddenly touched a synthesizer. I had no intention of creating anything, I just wanted to bask in the "sound. I felt that it would heal the damage to my body and mind. I had not had the energy to listen to music, let alone produce sound, but from that day onward, I touched the synthesizer or piano keyboard from time to time without thinking, and recorded sketches as if I were writing a diary. From there, I selected 12 sketches that I liked and made an album of them. I dared to present them in their raw form, without applying any treatment. I will continue this kind of "diary" until I run out of energy.


収録内容 01. 20210310
02. 20211130
03. 20211201
04. 20220123
05. 20220202
06. 20220207
07. 20220214
08. 20220302. -. sarabande
09. 20220302
10. 20220307
11. 20220404
12. 20220304

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