Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing The Piano 2009 Japan(2CD)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZCM-46381KC
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing The Piano 2009 Japan(2CD)

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing The Piano 2009 Japan(2CD)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZCM-46381KC
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A 2 CD album released in 2009. The album is a self-selected selection of performances from the "playing the piano 2009 _out of noise" Japan tour that took place from March to April of that year. The entire tour was recorded, and the next day the recordings were made available for downloading on a distribution site, and this is a collection of great performances selected from the entire tour. The album has a well-balanced selection of new, rare, and classic songs, but it is nice to note the happening at the Osaka show where the band played "East Wind," a song not performed on the tour, at the request of an audience member during the MC. Fold-out poster included.

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1. hibari
2. composition 0919
3. put your hands up
4. mizu no naka no bagatelle
5. tango
6. amore
7. ambiguous lucidity
8. a flower is not a flower
9. before long
10. energy flow
11. mc_08 (tong poo)
12. merry christmas mr.lawrence
13. the last emperor
14. rain

1. the sheltering sky
2. sweet revenge
3. high heels
4. bolerish
5. silk endroll
6. self portrait
7. bibo no aozora
8. perspective
9. behind the mask
10. tibetan dance
11. 1919
12. thousand knives
13. parolibre

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