Ryuichi Sakamoto 2019【完全生産限定盤】(12inch重量盤7枚+7inch盤+唐紙作品+肖像画+お香)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZZ1-77063
Ryuichi Sakamoto 2019【完全生産限定盤】(12inch重量盤7枚+7inch盤+唐紙作品+肖像画+お香)

Ryuichi Sakamoto 2019【完全生産限定盤】(12inch重量盤7枚+7inch盤+唐紙作品+肖像画+お香)

坂本龍一 SKU: RZZ1-77063
発売日:March 30, 2020
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Based on the concept of Ryuichi Sakamoto's concert, the album includes music, karakami works made from the music score, portraits, and his favorite incense that he actually uses at his concerts.
The box is filled with the atmosphere of the venue.

An analog vinyl version of the soundtrack produced by Sakamoto Ryuichi in 2019, including films that have not been released in Japan.
Includes one exclusive newly written song available only to those who purchase this box (EP version).
The box includes a miniature portrait of Sakamoto Ryuichi, a karakami work created from a musical score he wrote, and incense, his favorite incense, to bring you closer to Sakamoto Ryuichi. Limited edition of 200.
Limited to 200 pieces.

<BOXKarakami of the "SAKAMOTO" series
The outer box is decorated with a masaime pattern to represent the flow of musical time in the form of annual rings.
The natural shimmering of the carved grain lines, the strength and weakness of the lines, and the missing pieces give a sense of rhythm (sound) and remind us of a musical staff.
Ryuichi Sakamoto's love for nature is also expressed in this work.

Created by KAMISOE
The kara-kami produced this time was created from a woodblock from Ryuichi Sakamoto's handwritten score, using a classical printing technique known as kata-oshi.
Material: Echizen Torinokoshi paper
Dyeing: mica (pearl-colored pigment refined from granite)
Printing: Goko (white pigment refined from oyster, clam and scallop shells)

Karakami was used in the Heian period (794-1185) as a paper for writing letters, and from the Kamakura (1185-1333) and Muromachi (1392-1573) periods, as architectural styles changed, it was used for interior decorations such as screens, sliding doors, and wallpaper. Karakami has continued to be handed down as a traditional interior decoration craft to this day.

Painted by KO JIMAN
(C)Pierre Even (Photographer of the original)
Reproduced from a pencil drawing by a Korean artist based on a portrait by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Incense made by Shoeido
Shoeido's incense, which Ryuichi Sakamoto has used for many years, was established in Kyoto about 300 years ago.
Shoeido's incense is indispensable in the dressing room before concerts and on stage.
We have prepared three types of incense, including "Shokaku," made from Kyara, which is said to have a noble fragrance, as well as high-grade agarwood and sandalwood, which are used to maximize their individuality.
Shokaku 5 pcs.
5 sticks of Nankaku
15 bottles

Incense stand production: Ryo Watanabe
Material: Brass, black dyed finish

Ryo Watanabe
Metalwork artist. After graduating from Musashino Art University, Department of Spatial Design, she worked at an ironworks before starting to create objects using metal. She extracts the unique expressions of various metals and produces and exhibits works with forms that have the feel of natural objects.

Ryuichi Sakamoto's inner email newsletter, "Sakamoto Ryuichi Dayori," is sent only to his staff and related parties.

Artwork by Hiroshi Kado
Art direction + design: Keita Shimpo + Misako Shimpo (smbetsmb)
Printing: Yamada Photo Printing Press
Record Press: Toyo Kasei Co.
Mastering: Heba Kadry
Cutting: Toru Kotetsu (JVC Kenwood Creative Media)

12inch heavy vinyl (white vinyl specification)
Black Mirror (NETFLIX Original Drama)
Composed the music for the season 5 episode "Smithereens (The Man Who Waits)".
(19 tracks, approx. 34 min.)
Original Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto

PARADISE NEXT (Directed by Yoshihiro Hanno)
(9 tracks, approx. 27 min.)
Original Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto | Yoshihiro HANNO

Kamejiro (Directed by Tadahiko Sako)
The most feared man in the U.S. military, his name is Kamejiro.
Kamejiro, the most feared man in the U.S. military.
(5 tracks, approx. 21 min.)
Original Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto

The Staggering Girl (Directed by Luca Guadagnino. (Directed by Luca Guadagnino, Japanese release pending)
(11 tracks, approx. 21 min.) 45RPM
Original Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Proxima (Directed by Alice Winocour. Japanese release undecided)
(15 tracks, approx. 30 min.)
Original Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Disc-6 (2 discs)
My TYRANO: Together, Forever (Directed by Kobun Shizuno. Goodbye, Tyrano" will be released in Japan by Toei Video in June 2020.)
(20 tracks approx. 30 min. + 15 tracks approx. 33 min.)
Original Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto

◆7inch vinyl (white vinyl)
BOXLimited edition (1 song)
*ThisBOXRyuichi Sakamoto will write exclusively for



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