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First analog version of the collaborative album released in 2010!
The album includes new lyrics by Taeko Onuki to past songs by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a previous joint work by the two, a children's song "Akatonbo", and a new song "a
life", a new song. The simplicity of the presentation, with only piano and song, conveys the rich history of the two, which has continued since the early 1970s. The disc also includes a bonus disc featuring only Ryuichi Sakamoto's performance, including improvisations.

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1. 美貌の青空 | Bibo no Aozora
2. Tango
3. 3びきのくま | Sambiki no Kuma
4. 赤とんぼ | Aka Tombo

5. 夏色の服 | Natsuiro no Fuku
6. Antinomy
7. Flower

8. 鉄道員 | Poppoya
9. a life
10. 四季 | Shiki
11. 風の道 | Kaze no Michi

1. 美貌の青空 | Bibo no Aozora
2. Tango
3. koko
4. 赤とんぼ | Aka Tombo

5. 夏色の服 | Natsuiro no Fuku
6. Lost theme - Femme Fatale
7. A flower is not a flower

8. Aqua
9. Geimori

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